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GiSTEM, Inc. appreciates your efforts and generosity to help fund our nonprofit. Our programs are for rising 7th - 12th grades girls. You can choose which program(s) or campaign(s) the funds will support explained below.
GiSTEM Week 
GiSTEM Week (GW) is a week-long program that focuses on one STEM + Business (B) subject per day. Each subject-focused day will have professionals from the field discuss their career journey- including their roles at their respective companies, any challenges and advice to help the participants in their own journey. Participants will be exposed to hands on activities and real-world problems to teach foundational STEM+B skills. The skills will involve group projects that allow the participants to create and present their innovative solution to their guardians, GiSTEM volunteers and sponsors at the end of the week. The funds will assist us in providing the best experience and activities for the participants.

GiSTEM Ambassador 
GiSTEM Ambassador program is extended to exemplary participant from the GW program (typically High School Seniors) beginning their STEM journey. They will have the opportunity to receive a stipend for working directly with us in growing the organization while simultaneously building STEM skills and mentorship prior to college. We want girls from this program to be able to gain at least one certification prior to leaving the program.
Sponsor A Girl 
The Sponsor A Girl campaign is to sponsor one girl participant ($1,000) to be able to attend our programs. This will help fund their monthly activities, travel, food and any additional resources to the participant to help keep our programs free.
Monthly Activities:
STEM Views allows the participants to visit and tour STEM based companies to provide exposure and bring interest to companies especially in Virginia to create pipeline of future technical employees.
GiSTEM Talks invites Women STEM Professional(s) share educated insights about their current research and/or projects. This helps build presentation confidence and technical vocabulary to the participants by having exposure to women that look like them in the STEM field.
Sponsorship Levels


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Which program are you interested in sponsoring?

Checks can be made to GiSTEM, Inc. and mail the check to:
4906 Lindy Lane
Richmond, VA 23224

or directly on Paypal by selecting "donate here."

***Please remember to still complete the form if you use Paypal.***

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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