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Shatara Weaver

"While women make up a large percentage of the population, the gender gap in STEM persists. Women and girls are creative and there is a need for their voice in product innovation. Let's eliminate that gap together."


VP, GiSTEM, Inc.

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Deja Shabazz

"You can accomplish anything you will! Develop a positive support system, stay focused, and work hard. Don't allow your fear of change keep you  complacent. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace your chance to grow!"


Secretary, GiSTEM, Inc.

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Ann Allen

"Life comes with many choices. The ones your pick do not determine who you are. It is up to you to determine who your are. The only person that can bring you down more than anyone else, is yourself. So live a little, be strong, learn and believe in yourself."

Funding Officer, GiSTEM, Inc.

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 Saqueya Moore

"Determination. No matter what you do in life, never quit! Be determined to accomplish your goals no matter what. Your success is at the end when it's all done!"

Secretary, GiSTEM, Inc.

Naomi Jackson

"Steel toes are for ladies too, and they can be cute... Don't let anyone discourage you - you belong here and we welcome you."

Integration Manager, Swisslog Logistics

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Bria Carlisle - Thaniel

"For girls that want to pursue science, i say go above and beyond in your studies, stay focused and do not doubt yourself. Science is a field that has an abundance of opportunities and they need girls like us."

Senior Biologist/Virologist, ATCC

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Alexa Genalo

"A career in science is not something that happens overnight. It requires time and effort. Do not be discouraged if you are not where you want to be. Always keep your goals in sight and continue to push forward."

Forensic Scientist, DFS

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Chelsea Burnett

"Women offer a totally different perspective on everything, including the science field. The more women that are present in STEM, the bigger difference we can all make."

Storm Chaser, Texas Storm Chasers

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Kate Shirk

"It is important to have women in engineering because it is important to have diverse perspectives.

"One of the things that engineers do is reduce complex problems into simple problems to be solved.

People with diverse perspectives are going to prioritize things differently and create different solutions to engineering problems."

Associate Professor of Physics, Shippensburg University

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Major Candis Wooods

"It is important to have women in technical careers in order for organization to excel. Women bring diversity of ideas, action, and perspective to organizations that otherwise may have gone unexplored; stalling organizational growth and success.

Additionally, representation matters.

If we want to see more women the industry, we must reach back to encourage and uplift the little girls that will one day take our places and continue the efforts to make space for the next generation of women in tech."

U.S. Air Force

Operations Officer, 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Minot Air Force Base

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Lillian Walcott

"It is important to have women in technical careers for companies to thrive. In order for companies to optimize innovation and outperform competitors, diversity is a must. Diversity is a key driver of innovation for business success." 

Safety Engineer, Shell Oil Company

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Lisa Woods

"Technology does not belong to any ethnic group, socioeconomic level, continent or gender.

Women are resilient, resourceful flexible and creative; all elements that are require to explore technical solutions, advance the state-of-the-art in technology, and solve technical problems."

Flight Test Manager, United States Air Force

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