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Our Motto focuses on the three I's: INSTILL, INFLUENCE & INSPIRE

  • We INSTILL confidence.

  • We INFLUENCE critical thinking.

  • We INSPIRE the next generation in STEM and Business (STEM+B).

With dedication and persistence, we can change the STEM community.

Our Aim is:

  1. To increase the diversity of women in future STEM-based careers. 

  2. To provide exposure to various companies while simultaneously creating a pipeline for future technical employees. 

  3. To unlock girls' confidence to know that they are needed in the STEM+B community.

  4. To build a network of STEM+B professionals to be direct connections and mentors.

  5. To achieve the girls' future career goals by providing the best and cost-effective route. 

  6. To establish foundational technical and soft skills that are transferable to future career opportunities.

  7. To provide guidance for future corporate and life experiences to assist in making better decisions.

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