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Quick Tips!

GiSTEMChats - It's All Academic


It's All Academic!

There are many different ways to learn! It is import that you develop what work best for you to understand and retain information. Don't forget to make the library, rest and Starbucks your best friend!


Relationship Goals. Periodt.

Building and maintaining relationships can be difficult in college. Keep in contact with loved ones at home, they are traveling though the transition just as you are.

GiSTEMChats - Relationship Goals. Periodt.
GiSTEMChats - Got Time?


Got Time?

It's important to know how to manage your time effectively.  If you are not a pro at juggling multiple things at once, you will develop this skill. The goal is to be able to master it!


Exploring and understanding cultural differences are important in your transition to college. It's okay to be different you may learn that you may have similarities that can build a new friendship!

What's the difference? Culture.

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