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GiSTEM Remembers and Gives Back!

GiSTEM provided girls with backpacks filled with school supplies and the newly vaccinated with DoorDash Community Credits in Richmond, VA.

September 11, 2021, marked 20 years since the day that shocked America forever. The tragedy of “9/11,” where our country lost so many lives, showed us the importance of helping one another through our most difficult times. On the day of remembrance, GiSTEM partnered with organizations for the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic event. Team Ujima, the organizers of the event, provided the community with access to health screenings, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. As advocates for helping people understand the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination, GiSTEM reached out to DoorDash to assist GiSTEM in making an impact at the event. DoorDash gratefully awarded GiSTEM with community credits to support GiSTEM’s efforts to incentivize individuals that got vaccinated at the event to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Pictured: People in the community receiving their $25.00 DoorDash Community Credits after their vaccination at the event.

The event took place in one of Richmond's low-income and food insecure community housing areas, Hillside Court located in south Richmond. The Hillside Court community has always been very important to GiSTEM because they partner at another event that takes place there called Summer Night Lights - RVA (SNL - RVA), and is led by GiSTEM's Vice President, Shatara Weaver. SNL - RVA is a summertime violence prevention event with fun activities for children and life resources for adults and families. Due to the pandemic, SNL - RVA will not return until 2022. GiSTEM encourages as many organizations as possible to be part of making a difference in the community.

Pictured: Summer Night Lights - RVA in South Richmond, VA.

At the Saturday event, GiSTEM provided backpacks and supplies to girls in middle and high school. LaToya Mayfield stated that, “This event gave us an opportunity to reach the girls of this community and get them connected with the organization.” GiSTEM promoted the GiSTEM Week 2022 Virtual STEM Summer program and allowed the girls an opportunity to apply at the event.

Pictured: GiSTEM and SHEM providing backpacks to the community.

While GiSTEM provided backpacks to their target demographic, Shepherd’s Heart Evangelistic Ministries (SHEM) provided both girls and boys from elementary through high school with backpacks and school supplies. Together, the organizations brought 100 backpacks to the event to provide to the community. If you know anyone in need of school supplies in the Richmond Metro Area, GiSTEM would be happy to assist with getting the supplies left to those children in need. Contact us by email at

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Are you a rising 7th - 12th grader and have a strong interest in STEM? Apply for our Virtual STEM Summer Program GiSTEM Week 2022. Click here to apply!

Interested in your organization making a difference in the south Richmond community by participating or volunteering at Summer Night Lights - RVA? Contact Shatara Weaver at

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